Crazy about Corgis!

February 28 2011

We believe that little miss Jayda may be pregnant! She is starting to go through some emotional changes and has become very clingy which is very odd for her. She is also going through a dog version of morning sickness and primarily eats saltine crackers in the morning to calm her stomach.

March 8 2011

Jayda had her confirmation ultrasound today and we got to see all her little babies and their heartbeats. It was absolutely amazing and precious. Our vet determined that there is roughly 5-6 babies in her stomach and she is carrying these babies high in her rib cage so you cannot really see her little baby belly right now but we expect that to change soon!

April 4 2011

Today we took Jayda in to the vet for her radio-graph to check on the puppies and to make sure all is looking well. We do radio-graphs for many reasons; one to see that Jayda can deliver the puppies naturally, to check the sizes of the puppies, to make sure everyone looks well formed, and to get a more definate count on the number of puppies to expect. Well she was taken the back to have her x-ray taken and we were given a great suprise when the vet came back into the room. We were informed that Jayda is carrying 7-8 puppies not the expected 5! This was a big shock to us as we have been planning for 5 possibly 6 for the last month. We are looking forward to the extra babies and will update you within the week about their births.

April 10 2011

Jaydas puppies were born today! She went into labor at 7:15 am and had all her puppies by 12:59 pm. She has eight beautiful happy healthy puppies. Mother and babies are doing great and we are so glad they have finally came!