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AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Jayda had 7 puppies on April 10th 2011!

Welcome to Crazy about Corgis! Home of our Pembroke Welsh Corgis. If you're looking for a new puppy for your family then you've come to the right place. Our corgis are beautiful, sweet and affectionate companions and we know their puppies will be too!
We are located in Bogart Georgia. We have a love for Pembroke Welsh corgis and we would love to share that love with others. We have Jayda Lady of Mischief (Jayda) and Duncan Lord of Fire (Duncan) and they started everything for us! We stay current on all wormings and vaccines and keep our dogs in great health.

We accept deposits on our puppies. Deposits are $100 non-refundable. Prices are $500 with limited registration.
Click on the link below to put a deposit on your puppy! We use Paypal which is 100% secure.

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The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a stocky dog with short legs, which gives it the look of a large dog but is, in fact, obviously a small dog.
They would normally have their dew claws removed. They are often born with no tail or the tail is docked right after birth.
They have a double coat the coarse outer layer and weather resistant softer undercoat.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a highly intelligent, loyal, able and willing to please their owners. Corgis are extremely active and are great with kids! Protective and sturdy, they make fine guards, and are excellent show and obedience dogs. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is a loyal and hard-working dog. They are commonly easy to train and are considered very clever, ranking number 11 of the smartest dog breeds in the world. They are very alert, and made good watchdogs as they react to unusual things with their customary bark. They are very friendly and have an outgoing nature. They are very energetic and playful, which you would expect from a herding dog.


         These dogs do shed fairly lightly all year-round, but they do shed substantial amounts on a seasonal basis. Most of the time you only need to brush the dog about once a week, but when it is shedding heavily it’s an idea to brush them daily. Given the fairly short coat of this dog grooming is actually quite easy, with the brushing just mentioned and giving baths when required, will help the dog remain looking attractive well into old age.

Living Conditions

         The Pembroke Welsh corgi is quite happy in most environments, be it a house, or apartment. They do require a reasonable amount of exercise; although they are only small they are strong and active dogs. The dog will be calm about the house, normally, as long as they have been exercised. Inadequate exercise can lead to restlessness when in the house, or apartment.

Health Issues

     Corgis do suffer from some inherent diseases; however, the majority of these are quite unusual. One of the most common problems with corgis is arthritis and osteoarthritis, but this is most common in dogs that have been improperly fed or are given inadequate exercise, thereby causing them to be overweight. The obvious way to help prevent this ailment is to give the dog regular exercise. They can also suffer eye problems, especially in later life, such things should be handled by the vet.