Crazy about Corgis!

Mother - Jayda

Our little angel

Jayda is our mother dog and is a Tri-colored AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Jayda is primarily black with brown markings and a white under belly. Jayda has a great personality and loves people and other dogs. Jayda is a corgi through and through with her big dog attitude. She attempts to heard the local ducks and wildlife and loves every minute of it. She is very loyal to us and is eager to please everyone she comes in contact with. She is very well socialized and loves to meet new people and dogs. Jayda goes to doggy daycare and loves to meet all kinds of new friends.

Father - Duncan

Our crazy boy

Duncan is our father dog and is a Tri-colored AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Duncan is a red headed tri and has black across his back and brown and white on his underside. Duncan is a bit on the smaller side but makes up for it is his attitude. He loves to grumble and talk to us and thinks he's top dog in our house. He also loves to heard the local wildlife and show off himself to everyone he meets. Duncan is a gorgeous little boy and knows it when he struts his stuff all around town on our many outings. Duncan loves to go to dog parks and meet new people and dogs and had yet to meet a stranger.